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kreta2013_zbg_img_0268 Crete, island of the morning the smell of orange blossom, afternoon of thyme, meticulously stacked „stones”. This also lovely people, friendly. This unfinished buildings and more pipes pumping water from mountains to valleys. 

jltb_01_2010 Junges Landestheater Bayern in border, play of light, multimedia, nut theater. JLTB in the former NATO radar on the border systems. 

olandia_85 Olandia, “piece” of “Potato Land” and fragment different but very interesting land. In area of Nowy Tomysl. 

img_5808 “Crused” land – west polish boundary east before. Earth suffused with hatred, blood Poles, Lemkos, Jews … Poland mysterious, Poland.

kaszuby_4756 Poland behold. 

n_es_dsc00752 Spain, a little different, no bull, no flamenco. North: Asturias, Basque Country, Navarra.

friuli_2012_274 Friuli. Alps Friulijskie of canyons and smell the morning coffee.

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